Scorpion Mods - Wukong Edition

Scorpion Mods - Wukong Edition

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Le modèle proposé est un modèle d'occasion testé par nos soins et dans un état de conservation validé par un membre de l'équipe. Possibilité d'avoir des photos par le biais de la page de la boutique : Boutiqueoxygene18+


Jamais servi par sont propriétaire


Prix initial : 280€


“From now and thousand years after, you will all know this name. I am the Monkey King: Sun Wu Kong.”
—《Wu Kong》
Unlike the usual single color, this time we present to you a duo color plated product to show the magnificent powers of Sun WuKong!
How do you present a character that is both a God and an evil being? This topic always bring upon a big debate every time when it is discussed.
This time, we decided to rid his tightening spells(a crown) and bring an uproar!
Brace yourselves!
Limited 500 sets worldwide


※ Lucifer RDA Specifications:
- Bottom Feed Design
- Diameter: 24mm
- Material: 
Deck: Stainless Steel
Top Cap: Tungsten Plated
- Side Airflow Design
- Airflow Control Top Cap
- Distinctive Air Hole Design
- Two Post Design 
- Laser Engrave Serial Number
※ Lucifer RDA Tool Package Include:
- Spare Screws Set *1
- Hex Key *1
- Spare O-ring Set *1
- Standard 510 pin *1
- BF PIN *1
※ Tungsten Plated Features: Stable output, does not oxidize easily, no need for special care to keep its glow shining. 
※ Do not clean plated setups with a lyfe rag, gold/silver jewelry polishing cloth, and any other abrasive material. Please wipe with eyeglass cloth or wet paper towel.
※ Plated only on the surface of the product.