8 core Alien 3 mm

8 core Alien 3 mm

18,00 €Prix

2 coils in the package

Core 8 X 31 gauge (0.23 mm) Nichrome N80

Wrap 38 gauge (0.1 mm) Nichrome N80

4 wraps on 3 mm ID


  • Single coil 0.2 Ω
  • Dual coil 0.1 Ω 


  • Optimized for dual coil atomizers
  • For regulated devices ~ ­­­­50 - 135 w
  • For unregulated devices - mechs
  • For experienced users


The Kings of dual coil DL! I can't get enough of these, they have everything a perfect coil needs.

Fast rump-up time, thick, cool, flavorful steam with big clouds and no overheating! Never!

They last very long before they gunk-up.

They have the biggest surface compared to the mass of the coil and they are compact because of the superfine thin core.

For all the Goons, Rabbits, Drops, Terks and all your favorite "clouds bro clouds" atomizers.

It's the best you've ever tried! Money back guarantee!


More cores with thinner wire (more surface - less mass) produce more steam without overheating. Coils stay clean longer! Exceptional taste!