5 Core Alien Single Series 3mm

5 Core Alien Single Series 3mm

16,00 €Prix

2 coils in the package

Core 5 X 28 gauge (0.32 mm) Nichrome N80

Wrap 36 gauge (0.127 mm) Nichrome N80

4 wraps on 3 mm ID


  • Single coil 0.147 Ω
  • Dual coil is not advisable to use - resistance is too low


  • Optimized for single coil atomizers
  • For regulated devices ~ ­­­­45 - 80 w
  • For experienced users
  • Not suitable for temperature control
  • Not suitable for dual coil atomizers (Ohms to low! )


The single series! Single coil double the power! These 5-core’s are really fast and powerful!

They make big clouds!

Because of really fast rump-up time the vapor produced is on the cooler side. Not opposite!

Suitable for all DL (direct lung) RDAs and RTAs with middle to larger volume chambers.

Mmmmm instant taste!

If you like half a second to one second pulls with great vapor production, these are your coils!


More cores with thinner wire (more surface - less mass) produce more steam without overheating. Coils stay clean longer! Exceptional taste!